Our method

What we do

We advise in the field of Employer Branding from a clear Human Resources perspective. Our Brand Culture Scan quickly provides insights of the profile of your organization. How do your employees feel? What do they think of the work atmosphere and how do they experience it? This scan allows us to map out the appeal of your company to both new and current employees.

Advice and follow-up process
With outcome of the scan we will provide you with initial advice on how to conduct your branding campaign and how to optimize your organization. Subsequently, we will jointly develop the right HR and Employer brand strategy.

Our approach

Practice what you preach, and vice versa. Your employees are your best ambassadors. If you believe in that, our approach will suit you like a sneaker. Together with management and employees, we examine the important branding and HR aspects in your organization and assess their effect on your brand. Where it can be improved, the solutions come from your team.

Phase 1: Intake and analysis
Phase in which we determine what the goals, approach and method will be and what costs are involved. After that, the analysis starts, using the Brand Culture Scan. This can be done in 2 ways: Remote and Live. At Remote we send a link to the people involved. The scan is done individually. The results are analyzed and presented afterwards. Live we organize a live meeting or an OnLine session where the scan is run simultaneously and together. The results are immediately visible and can be discussed immediately.

Phase 2: Solution
Your employees are your best ambassadors and are very likely to come up with the right solutions. In both the Remote and Live situation, we ensure that the solutions are devised and presented together. You cannot get better support for innovation.

Phase 3: Realization
Together with the management, we determine which solution is most suitable, based on the business strategy, budget, planning and implementation options.

Phase 4: Evaluation and advice
In this phase we look back on the job and investigate whether the innovations have led to results. Based on this, we determine together whether the job is done or whether a next step needs to be taken.


Working under high pressure.
I succeeded because
the culture is great

Activities brand:

  • Vision and mission
  • Brand guide
  • Employer Branding
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Internal branding and communications
  • Social media campaigns
  • Culture research
  • Marketing communication
Activities HR:

  • Recruitment strategy
  • Culture improvement
  • Recruitment communication
  • Employee journey
  • HR strategy
  • Employee Culture Book
  • Privacy law
  • Work from home strategy
  • Organisation chart
  • Employee Value Proposition