What we do

We advise in the field of Employer Branding from a clear Human Resources perspective. Our Brand Culture Scan quickly provides insight into the profile of your organization. How do your employees feel? What do they think of the work atmosphere and how do they experience it? This scan allows us to map out the appeal of your company to both new and current employees.

Culture research with the Brand Culture Scan

Develop positioning as an employer (EVP)

Developing an inspiring brand story

Development of an employer branding campaign

Employer branding media strategy

Developing an Employer branding platform

How do we handle it?

Practice what you preach, and vice versa. Your employees are your best ambassadors. If you believe in that, our approach will suit you like a sneaker. Together with management and employees, we examine the important branding and HR aspects in your organization and assess their effect on your brand. Where it can be improved, the solutions come from your team.

The steps we go through:

1. Introduction and explanation Brand Culture Scan

2. Prepare Brand Culture Scan

3. Brand Culture Scan to employees/management

4. Analysis & Recommendations

5. Brand Culture Scan Results

6. Project proposal

7. Strategy/concept development

8. Strategy/concept presentation

9. Elaboration of strategy/concept

10. Results and Analysis

Activities brand:

  • Vision and mission
  • Brand guide
  • Employer Branding
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Internal branding and communications
  • Social media campaigns
  • Culture research
  • Marketing communication

Activities HR:

  • Recruitment strategy
  • Culture improvement
  • Recruitment communication
  • Employee journey
  • HR strategy
  • Employee Culture Book
  • Privacy law
  • Work from home strategy
  • Organisation chart
  • Employee Value Proposition