Brand Culture Scan

Culture strong,

Employer Brand strong

Practice what you preach, and vice versa. This philosophy we visualize with the Key Circles of Employer Branding, shaping the image from the base with the right people (brand ambassadors), the right culture and the right workplace. We use the Brand Culture Scan to measure the Employer Image.

BarrowTaylor Brand Culture Scan

Our Brand Culture Scan gives you quick and clear insight. How do your people feel? What is the work atmosphere like? How do they experience that every day? Does it fit the Employer Brand? Based on the scan, we advise on the steps to be taken to achieve a lasting position of strength.

How it works
The Brand Culture Scan we developed is simple and quick, very accessible and to be executed on various devices. It consists of a Quick Scan of 12 questions instantly drawing a general picture of what the employee thinks about your company. The second and third parts delve deeper into the different branding and cultural aspects. Subjects such as on-boarding, working from home, the workplace and coaching are being treated here. At the end of the research period (on average 2 weeks) you will receive the results and our advice.

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Employer Brand Attributes

These are the important factors that influence your employer image.

remote working

Nice to be back at the office
and see my colleagues

Activities brand:

  • Vision and mission
  • Brand guide
  • Employer Branding
  • Recruitment campaigns
  • Recruitment marketing
  • Internal branding and communications
  • Social media campaigns
  • Culture research
  • Marketing communication
Activities HR:

  • Recruitment strategy
  • Culture improvement
  • Recruitment communication
  • Employee journey
  • HR strategy
  • Employee Culture Book
  • Privacy law
  • Work from home strategy
  • Organisation chart
  • Employee Value Proposition